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I design because this is my passion and this is what I can’t live without. I find passion in colors, textures and shapes as well as in culture, traditions and my own experience. I’m inspired by environment. I try to discover the world around me and constantly create and improve it. I find my inspiration in traveling, acquaintances with new people and cultures, customs and tradition, natural & artificial environment, and I want my design to be the continuation of nature.

In my opinion, design is an emotional process. I try to create products that would evoke true feelings. What is really important in my profession is creating such products that would interact with human and cause genuine feelings and emotions. Simple and intuitive design gives a true delight and pleasure of using the object. Each design product is human, has own character and tells the story to the person who uses it.

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Experience & education

Working as a consultant in product and interior design in StudioStockholm Architecture
Product design internship in Jonas Wagell Design and Architecture studio
Collaboration with Archpole Product Design manufacture. Working on the project «Couple Shelves», develop furniture for the Russian market
Collaboration with ceramic «As-studio». Creating objects «Iceberg» from porcelain for the Russian and international market
Participation in SaloneSatellite Moscow in October, 13-18 with project «Around Bookcase»
Creating own Muno Design interior studio with partners. Working as Interior Designer with companies and individuals
Participation in Moscow Design Week in October, 12-17 with collection “Ribbed Lamps”
Internship in Archpole Product Design studio for 2 months. Creating New Year present
Working in Interior studio «Roman Zelensky». Teamworking with the designers on projects from conception to implementation of the public and dwelling interiors
Education. University of Architecture and Design in Russia, Rostov-on-Don city, Faculty of Product and Interior Design
School of Academic Photography, Rostov-on-Don
Complementary training. Advanced course of 3D modeling software 3D Studio Max


Work in the design studio to gain experience in Product & Interior Design

Expand professional horizons and increase qualification level (workshops & classes on working with different technologies and materials to create objects of design)

Collaborate with international manufacturers and factories as a designer of furniture, lighting and accessories

Participate in the global design exhibitions (such as iSaloni, Stockholm Furniture Fair and so on)


+7 (918) 503 85 16 / +46 72-917 19 65

[email protected]